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Hello! ^^ You can call me Hitsu (about me) if you don't know my real name. I am a 93liner from Canada who became a loyal ELF in 2009. I am a hardcore shipper of top!Hae and bottom!Hyuk. This is where I manily post all of my HaeHyuk fanfictions. If you do not like slash or haehyuk then please do not read my stories. Most of my fanfics are rated R or NC-17 but I always put a warning on them for your safety. Eunhyuk is my ultimate bias and Donghae is my bias list wrecker. I have a huge crush on Jensen Ackles! Also, since August 2016 I've been shipping KookV too now and you will find some of their fics on my AFF account !! I am Taehyung bias.

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I have a lot of ships and otps from multi-fandoms so I'm always spazzing and fangirling 24/7. My very first otp was SasuNaru. I am also a huge bottom!Jensen and bottom!Dean shipper but that's kind of irrelevant right now. I am very friendly and caring so feel free to send me a message. I like sweets, music, movies, drawing, and yaoi. I have a lot of fandoms but I'm huge fan of Supernatural, Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, and Lord of the Rings.

My belief is that you do not pick your otps, your otps pick you. :)
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